School Dress – What to Wear to School

1.      Polo shirts (knit, with collar and sleeves) must be worn.   The shirts must be loose fitting and can be any solid color, striped or patterned without text and/or logo.  The shirt must cover the midriff at all times.   Students may wear a sweater or jacket.  Other clothing over the polo shirt is not permitted.

2.      Shorts, long pants, or skirts may be worn.  These must be loose, not form fitting.   The length of the shorts must be below mid-thigh.  Skirts must be no shorter than the top of the knee.  Jeans are permitted if neat, not torn, and appropriately sized.  Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn on the waist.

3.      Students must wear shoes at all times.

4.      For safety reasons, elementary students must wear shoes on the playground at all times – please do not bring any type of footwear that does not remain secure on the foot (strap across the back) – no bare feet.  Sports shoes are preferred but not required.

5.      For physical education, a T-shirt, pants or shorts, and clean sports shoes must be worn.  A clean pair of sports shoes should be kept in the PE lockers for use on the gym floor.  The PE teacher will provide more specific requirements if needed.

6.      There are no unannounced T-shirt days.  However, every Friday is designated “Team T-Shirt Day.”  Students may wear either their team T-shirts or a regular solid color polo shirt on Fridays.  All dress up or team event days will be announced.

7.      No head attire (ex. hats, caps, handkerchiefs, kerchiefs, wraps, do-rags, etc.) may be worn at school.  The only exceptions are that hats and caps may be worn outside during breaks and PE or on school-announced theme days (e.g. Crazy Hat Day, International Day, and Costume Day).


Students who are out of dress code are to be sent to the office.