17 Dec Faculty Vehicle Use Policy

Taken from the 2021/22 Faculty Handbook

IAS vehicle for personal use

IAS is pleased to have a vehicle available for faculty/ staff personal use. The school provides insurance, annual inspection, and routine maintenance and repairs. Because the vehicle’s primary purpose is to accomplish school business will take priority. Faculty members must abide by the following terms in order to use the vehicle.

Reserving the vehicle

Faculty members should use the electronic ”appointments & reservations” calendar(iasuriname.org.google) to reserve the vehicle with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Weekday reservation must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Weekend & holiday reservation must be made by 2 pm on the last working day before the weekend or holiday. Rental Charges Faculty members will be charged a per kilometer rate for personal use of the vehicle. This amount will be deducted from their pay. The faculty member must complete all boxes of the vehicle mileage record to assist the business office in properly charging for vehicle use.
    The vehicle mileage record is either stored in the glove compartment or in the door by the driver’s seat. Please make sure to record mileage at the beginning and the end of every rental period. Rental Period Maximum rental period is 24 hours. Fuel Unless you are on a long trip you are not to put fuel in the vehicle. If fuel is needed let the Plant Manager know. Driver’s License When checking out the car you must have a valid international driver’s license or Suriname license.

Revised July 2020



When using the vehicle make sure to close all windows, lock all doors, and remove the keys from the vehicle when parking it for any length of time. Valuables should not be left visible in the vehicle.
Liability Insurance

The person driving the vehicle as permitted by this agreement will be protected against liability for causing bodily injury or death to others or damaging the property of someone other than the driver up to the minimum financial responsibility limits required by applicable law.

IAS will not provide:

  • Coverage for fines, penalties, punitive or exemplary damages.
  • Coverage of bodily to, death of, faculty member or any passage.
  • Defense against any claim after limits of coverage that are furnished by IAS have been tendered. In case of an accident If you are involved in an accident while using the vehicle, contact the Plant Manager immediately (728-1070 or 856-0662). Unless the vehicle is blocking all traffic in a roadway, the vehicle should not be moved before the Plant Manager and local police arrive. Unless emergency medical care is required, the faculty member must also remain at the scene of the accident. Fines and Expenses The driver will pay all fines, costs and recovery expenses for parking, traffic and other violations 9 except those fines related to failure of IAS to abide by state-imposed regulations and rules for vehicles). In case of accident, the faculty member bears responsibility for any damages not covered by insurance. Prohibited use of car At no time is the car to be used to carry passengers or property for hire, to tow or push anything, to be operated in a test, race or contest or while the driver is under influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, or for illegal purpose, including transportation of a control substance or contraband. The vehicle is not to be abused or misused or driven recklessly or in such a way that unnecessary damage is caused to the vehicle. A violation of this paragraph automatically terminates the faculty member’s vehicle use privilege and makes him or her liable to IAS for all penalties, fines, forfeitures, liens ad recovery and storage costs, including all related legal expenses. Please avoid driving vehicle through deep, standing water. You must have the Director’s or Plant Manager’s permission to take car out of Paramaribo.
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