FooDelicious is the lunch program that provides a variety of lunches for students each school day. You must open an account before you can order from FooDelicious; account applications are available in the IAS office. To deposit money to your account, bring cash (USD or SRD) to the front office, or seal it in an envelope with your name on it and put it in one of the FooDelicious locked drop boxes.


LUNCH: Every month, the lunch menu is displayed online at; pre-order online to guarantee lunch for your student. Orders are DUE BY THURSDAY for the coming week. You can pre-order for the whole month if you like.


FooDelicious facts:

  • In addition to covering our expenses, we aim for a modest profit in order to reinvest in
  • the business itself.
  • Other than the cost of goods sold, all profits are reinvested in the IAS community.
  • FooDelicious strives to offer healthy food choices; we also seek to be responsive to the
  • demands of students and parents. Sometimes the two goals conflict.
  • On average, students who purchase lunch from FooDelicious every day spend 75 SRD
  • per week.
  • At lunchtime, students stand in line at the FooDelicious window to place and receive
  • their orders. We serve customers on a first-come, first-served basis, unless they have
  • preordered online. Students in pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grades receive FREE
  • delivery.
  • New for 2013-14: students receive their choice of fruit with every meal! Types of fruit
  • will vary according to availability.