Middle & High School

Academic Progress

Students in grade 6 through 8 are promoted to the next grade based on their final grades and the teacher’s recommendation. Standardized achievement tests are administered annually to compare a student’s progress to that of other students in the same grade; these test scores do not determine whether or not a student is promoted to the next grade. IAS issues quarterly progress reports to ensure that parents are aware of their elementary student’s achievements.

High school (grades 9 through 12) students are assigned to a grade level based on the number of credits they have earned. To earn a high school diploma, students must earn 20 high school credits by earning passing grades in 20 high school courses.

  • To be promoted to grade 10, students must earn a minimum of 5 credits.
  • To be promoted to grade 11, students must have earned a minimum of 10 credits.
  • To be promoted to grade 12, students must have earned a minimum of 15 credits.
  • To graduate, students must have earned a minimum of 20 credits.


Grades for Students in Grades 6-12
IAS operates on a semester system, with the first semester beginning in August and the second semester beginning in January. Report cards are issued four times a year. Each grading period is called a quarter. The final grade for the year is the average of the four quarters.

The following grading scale is used:

A: 100 – 92 (Excellent work)
B: 91 – 83 (Good work)
C: 82 – 74 (Meets expectations)
D: 73 – 65 (Does not meet expectations but does pass the course)
F: 64 and less (Failure – does not receive credit for the course)
Art, music, P.E., and Spanish use the following grading scale:
E – Exceeds expectations
M – Meets expectations
N – Needs to improve


High School Courses

A typical high school student at IAS will take the following courses.

Subject                   Grade 9                                  Grade 10                          Grade 11                         Grade 12
Math                          Algebra 1                                    Geometry                             Algebra 2                          Precalculus
English                      Introduction to Literature     World Literature                American Literature       British Literature
Science                      Biology                                       Environmental Science     Chemistry                         Physics
Social Studies          Geography                                 World History                     US History                        Government/
Second Language    Spanish 1 or ESL                      Spanish 2 or ESL               Spanish 3 or                     Spanish 4 or
ESL/TOEFL                     ESL/TOEFL
Electives                    Elective                                      Elective                                Elective                             Elective
Bible                           Bible Elective                           Bible Elective                      Bible Elective                   Bible Elective